A wide range of activities in Brugnasco: leisure activities for every taste!

The holiday homes with their own sports field offer activities such as table tennis, table football, boccia, handball and football. Brugnasco is also an ideal starting point for hikes, bike or mountain bike rides as well as ski and snowshoe tours.

For scout camps, it is possible to set up tents on the property and thus create additional overnight accommodation.


Handball, football, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cycling, mountain biking, table tennis, boccia, archery, running, etc.

The camp houses have a sports field (grass) with handball goals, which is suitable for handball, football and other ball games. There is a table tennis table (indoors and outdoors), a table football table and a boccia court.

Airolo lies on the route of the famous Alpenbrevet cycling marathon. The area offers great opportunities for hiking, bike tours, canyoning, climbing, bouldering and ice climbing, or trail running.

In winter, you can go ski touring, snowshoeing or skiing and snowboarding in the ski areas of Airolo or Andermatt.

Further ideas for activities in the area can be found at Bellinzona e Valli or Switzerland Tourism.


Hiking, trekking, canyoning, mountaineering, camping, fishing, wildlife watching, alpine biology, etc.

Brugnasco is an excellent starting point for attractive excursions, hikes and mountain tours. For example, it takes just under three hours to hike to the beautiful Lake Ritom, which can also be reached more easily by the legendary cable car. A station on the Ritom railway is just a 20-minute walk from Brugnasco. In winter, there are various snowshoe hiking routes in the area with different levels of difficulty as well as numerous opportunities for ski tours.


Forte di Airolo, Sasso San Gottardo, Museo nazionale del San Gottardo, Dazio Grande (Rodi Fiesso) etc.

The area around Airolo also has many cultural attractions to offer. The Dazio Grande, a building from the middle of the 16th century, is now a cultural centre with exciting events. The National St. Gotthard Museum shows the arduous struggle of man to open up the Gotthard Pass as an important trade and transport route. The Forte dei Airolo – one of the best-preserved fortresses of its kind in Europe – with its labyrinth of tunnels can now be visited as a museum. Also hidden deep inside the Gotthard is the once top-secret Gotthard fortress Sasso San Gottardo, which is now the largest publicly accessible fortress in Switzerland.

Parties & Business

Club events, birthday parties, seminars, team building, retreats, workshops, company events, writing retreats, etc.

Thanks to their orientation towards large groups and the corresponding infrastructure, the holiday homes in Brugnasco are ideal for organising private parties and celebrations of all kinds (family reunions, birthdays, anniversary celebrations, bachelor parties, wedding parties, club events, etc.).

The seclusion can also be an advantage in a business context, as the holiday homes can be used for retreats, seminars, team-building events, workshops or writing retreats.